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: Garryexedy
: 23 Jun 20 10:42am
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: Henrydaumb
: 23 Jun 20 10:14am
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: Kevinjew
: 23 Jun 20 09:26am
: Vernonritte
: 23 Jun 20 05:56am
Sam neill thanked margaret fink and gillian armstrong for their help while he looked upon gilligan's old friend

the room where they first met was empty when they met eglamore, who asked what gilligan was and where he was from. gilligan told him where he came from, and after that, gilligan told eglamore where he was from again, and that was that. he knew the truth about what they were doing all along, and so did he.

they also had to get gilligan's trust, as eglamore didn't trust him and didn't care if it was all true. they also were unable to kill gilligan since no one could harm an old dragon in the old forest

till that day when a new member of the party came out in the woods to kill the old dragon. a very powerful character known as the dragon. he was the first human that could kill an old dragon by touch,

and he knew everything about dragon behavior,

so when he entered the cave where the old dragons lived, he found gilligan and eglamore, and they were afraid. so he tried to make himself appear as powerful and powerful enough to get away. he tried to say he was good, but eglamore knew he wasn't, and that the dragon was afraid, so gilligan went and tried to tell eglamore he was good. the dragon kept fighting, and then all of a sudden a huge green fireball appeared and came out of the blue. it turned and smashed eglamore. the dragon fell to the earth and broke into pieces, leaving the two of them on the ground, crying, feeling bad, and feeling very, very bad about it.

one of the first things they talked about, once they got home, was who did the last thing. after they found out where all the old dragons were and what they do every day, it made them more nervous. they have had visions of death, but none of them are really of it, and they do think that maybe one of them killed him. yet, another dream made them wonder if they, too, did the last thing. they said that before the war, when the party went to talk to an old woman and told her about their mission. their dream about death made them think of that woman, the one that killed their friend, and it made them wonder, could they be that person too? so they asked her what she said about killing them, and how she knew they were dead. she told them that she did.

she said that if they told her, she would go to hell, that she would find them again in another place, in another country, in another time, and take the old ma

Act queanbeyan hospital talks to parents worried about teen who died in his care

A teen who died of a gunshot wound in the care of the hospital in San Pedro, California on Wednesday has been identified by family and officials from the city as 17-year-old Anthony Beal.

The Los Angeles County Coroner on Wednesday identified the teen as an Angeleno named Anthony, according to his family and the Associated Press.

The news is shocking and devastating to a small community just outside Santa Ana and is hard on anyone who knew Anthony, family members said.

"As a kid, he was always a good kid. He enjoyed his family, " a brother, Ryan Beal, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. "He was a really loving guy. He would put your head down, play football, basketball and even play with his bike."

In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, Beal's aunt, Cindy Ellington, said that "the entire world" has lost another loved one.

"He was such a positive person that I'm sure everyone in the community will miss him, " Ellington wrote. "He loved his family and was always a good kid."

Anthony was on a summer break to visit family when he walked into the intensive care unit on Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at 7:31 a.m. local time, the coroner's office in San Pedro said. His death is under investigation.

"This was a huge shock, " said San Pedro Mayor Jose Hernandez in a statement. "I extend my condolences to the Beal family, their friends and their loved ones at this very difficult time."

The incident comes amid a nationwide gun violence crisis following two mass shootings in November the December 14 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and the December 4 killing by an anti-government extremist at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.

San Pedro is just east of Santa Ana in the San Fernando Valley. On Wednesday night, city officials were meeting with residents to try to stem the city's rise in violence.

"We want everyone to keep that faith, and I think that's what we have learned about our city, " Mayor Hernandez said at a news conference. "We learned the wrong thing, we have to learn how to do this better."

On Twitter, a community message read: "Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. #LoveRoses."

Police have since identified the teen as an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, according to CBS Los Angeles. But the city's police chief, Tony Spurlock, declined comment after news of the shooting was released Wednesday evening.

On his Facebook page, Beal described himself as "the only boy from th
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: 23 Jun 20 04:25am - ,