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Claims asio building is hurting construction industry, " he said in a press release, and he is calling for government action to curb the growth of these businesses.

The official Xinhua report claims that the government is also taking action to protect and support private sector investors in order to prevent China's domestic enterprises from being undermined by foreign and other competitors. Xinhua cited as a example the country's current construction sector, with over 830 million residents.

"Over the last decade, the government has given huge public support to private enterprises, including construction and engineering companies. But the private sector has increasingly challenged these policies, increasing the number of firms and businesses." said Zhang.

He added that the government has yet to take action to restrict the growth of these companies, or to help them find other forms of work.

Zhang's remarks came in response to a letter sent to the People's Daily, the official mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party.

Under the government's policies and policies, the public's views and opinions don't matter, " it said.

A recent report published in the People's Daily quoted Zhu Pingwei, vice governor of the National Development and Reform Commission, who said that the economy will not be stable and would likely contract.

"The nation's economy was already badly strained due to the domestic environment and the government's failure to provide adequate financial support, " he said. "A long-term improvement in economic activity will require additional domestic funding."

Zhang, who is also the acting president of the National People's Congress, said the country's construction industry is in need of foreign investment for long-term growth. But the government has failed to do this, "which is contributing to the deterioration of the country's construction industry, " he told Xinhua.

Future fund head endorses 5b uni plan: What next in Ontario housing market? 5 bunnie kirkland

The Ontario government is backing a plan that would add nearly 500, 000 units of new residential construction over the next 30 years. It will be done through a combination of private and public capital.

The 5 bunnies plan, which won't be released in full until fall, would add roughly 595, 000 units of residential buildable land over the same period. Some of that new buildable land would be built in the GTA.

A statement from the province said that 5 bunnies would create up to 13, 000 full-time jobs in the GTA by 2030 as a result of the increased residential construction. The province has also announced new incentives for home builders to build 1, 000 new homes a year over the next five years and expand their workforces.

"This will improve Ontario's housing affordability by increasing demand for new housing in our region, while supporting small and medium-sized businesses that make the community stronger, " Premier Kathleen Wynne said in a release announcing the 5b plan. "As a result, the number of new homes we build in Ontario will be 5 per cent lower in 2023 than 2021, and in our region as a whole this will mean a net contribution of over $6 billion in real terms by 2020."

The plan is based on four main elements. First, it would extend government support to builders from the existing 1:35 per cent tax on new condo units (which applies mostly to new apartment building) through to an overall new tax of 1.6 per cent for all new, or new-built construction, projects in Ontario. That rate of tax would then be set to 1 per cent for new-built condo units from 2017 onward.

A second element would be a 15 per cent rebate of tax on rental income paid by condo projects. That rebate would be set to 15 per cent for projects where at least 80 per cent of the units are being built.

An additional rebate would be paid to developers for all new building on lands previously used for a commercial or industrial use.

The plan also would extend or improve existing land owners' rights for redevelopment of residential lots and a 10-year deferral, or deferral of building on an otherwise unused lot, for a year before the site is cleared and construction starts again.

The government also wants to make it harder for developers to expand projects in urban centres, particularly along the transit corridors. The 5 bunnies plan was written by the province and supported by the Ontario Urban Planning Council, an association representing property owners. The new plan comes in an election year, with many potential candidates vowing to increase housing supply by 20, 000 units by 203
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