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Имя: Daviddycle
Дата: 07 Jul 20 01:42pm
Malaysia approves rare earths plant

The Malaysian government has approved a rare earths plant in the southern city of Semipalatinsk.

The plant is being tested at the university of Semipalatinsk as a way to produce rare earths. The plant can be used in the production of aluminum, nickel, copper and chromium.

The plant was expected to generate more than 2000 tons of rare earths a year. Its operation is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.


No rain on dokics centre court parade? Replay More Videos... MUST WATCH Dokic: No rain on dokic centre court parade? 01:23

Dokic was on a five-day vacation with his wife, Donda, who is pregnant with their fifth child, when they got separated. Her husband is unemployed and works at a McDonald's restaurant outside the hotel. Dokic did not take up the offer of work offered at the park when they were staying at a friend's home.

When the dokics were separated, the couple received a notice from Koryo Tours (KPT), which runs the park. They were told the park had opened a new bus terminal.

After Koryo Tours closed the park, dokics stopped taking pictures of the festival. Donda received the notice on April 10, with Dokic staying behind.

The park has a $100, 000 maintenance fund from the city that allows it to put up signage in the park in case of emergency.

The park's executive director, Masashi Mizuta, said the company's goal was to keep the event safe. But he added that because of the park's condition and lack of maintenance, there was no way to guarantee that Koryo Tour would have been able to pay for the repairs or pay the money needed to restore the bus terminal.

"For the safety of guests, we decided to close the park temporarily in order to improve our safety and security. We have a safety net on the way we close the festival grounds. The safety net in place will allow the company to continue as well as to make up for any damage that may result from the accident."

The park, however, has had safety and maintenance issues for several years and does not receive much cash from the city every year. Mizuta said the park should not pay any more maintenance.

The bus terminal is at the end of the 1.8-km run, approximately 40 kilometers from the central line and roughly 20 kilometers north of the entrance to the park.

Mizuta said the park was very close to a major traffic artery at the time of the accident.

Parking and transportation will be increased at the bus terminal for the dokic festival. However, park visitors will need to purchase a ticket to ride a bus or bus with a reserved ride.

There will also be a $5 bus ticket that park visitors can use to board the bus to reach the bus terminal on their own.
Имя: Maxinboxpl
Дата: 07 Jul 20 09:40am
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