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Bushfire dandenong in melbourne under control


Hundreds of firefighters have taken part in the ongoing fire that has killed more than 10 people.

The state Government has said there are no signs of further large scale forest fires but it has acknowledged that more could come.

The fire broke out in bushland in northern Dandenong about 9.30am on Saturday.

It was put out quickly by fire crews and crews continue to tackle the blaze.

The fire is at risk of spreading further and has closed a major highway between the city and Melbourne to save homes.

Firefighters have doused thousands of burning embers in a controlled burning operation over a four-kilometre area of the state.

Some areas have been reduced to ashes, but the entire area of Victoria's capital will remain inaccessible.

There is widespread firefighting activity to contain the blaze as it continues to burn more slowly than expected.

Fire and emergency services have evacuated residents and residents were advised to stay put in their homes.

A state fire service spokesman said crews had tried to extinguish the fire in the remote bush area by helicopter, but a combination of low winds, poor management and smoke from a number of homes made it more difficult for crews to control the blaze.

"It was a real struggle to control this fire, " he said.

There has been a significant reduction in the fire's smoke bill and its effect on the ground has been reduced, he added.

"We've got to do that because it's very close to our heart city of Melbourne."

A state air pollution plan was issued to residents last night with a smoke advisory set to be put in place for the next 10 to 15 days.

Fire officials and firefighters have been struggling to control the blaze, with residents advising residents to stay in their homes.

The blaze broke out in the central area of Victoria but is now mainly in the central and northern suburbs.

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Racing industry pleads for answer on tab future in wafted air, report


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released details of a pilot project that it says would force motorists to switch off their car's radio and change the way they listen to music online.

The regulator will conduct a study over four months.

Key points: In a pilot project on car radio, consumers will have to switch off the car's car radio (cassette player) for 15 minutes in order to listen online

Consumer groups have warned that these changes could seriously hurt their experience using online music services

Rising cost and the loss of car licence fees will leave the Coalition struggling to stay on course, report

Car makers have been lobbying for a shift from CD players to streaming services and the Coalition has been keen to see some of these changes introduced.

"We are committed to tackling a lot of the problems in the music industry - people don't have access to an affordable and convenient way to listen to a CD in a car or at work, " Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.

'Not only are the Coalition's policies wrong, they're reckless'

FACT's Mark Mitchell, who has studied radio sales through his research company, said it would encourage people to make the switch.

"These changes would not only be the wrong policy for the industry, but they would also put the government's interests ahead of any consumer's as a result of these decisions, which are going to make the car industry more expensive to run, " he said.

A spokesman for the ACCC told the ABC the review would examine the effect of all types of online music services on people's enjoyment of car radio.

It will also investigate whether the changes were necessary to keep car rental fees down.

"We recognise it's important for us to understand the impact of changes to our radio system, and that's why we'll review existing data so that our review can identify and quantify any impact that these changes will have on car rental fee values, " the spokesman said.

"The ACCC has repeatedly called for our agency-funded research into the impact of car radio to continue."

Racing, fishing industry groups urge caution

The racing and fishing industries are also calling on the ACCC to allow for "reasonably practicable alternatives to the service providers" before a decision is taken.

The Australian Racquet & Hoe Association (ARHA) said it would encourage a full review of the radio industry's costs.

Racquet and Hoe Association spokeswoman Jennifer McIlroy said the industry needed more certainty over the impact these changes would have on its car rental fees.

"We want to know what will happen in the future, " she said