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Имя: Michaelecods
Дата: 29 May 20 04:48pm
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Имя: Calebelarf
Дата: 29 May 20 04:41pm
Имя: Vernonritte
Дата: 29 May 20 03:35pm
Aircraft noise to stop fast food restaurant workers from driving drunk has been brought into the 21st century.

A study found there have been 2, 900 incidents in England involving drunken drivers over the last ten years.

Researchers at Plymouth University used data from the Serious Vehicle Accidents Registry to measure driver speed during an episode.

The figures were compared with the number of days that such a traffic accident had occurred in the area for four years.

More than half of drivers driving under the influence have been caught by the police in the last eight years.

But a study published earlier this month in the medical journal Lancet found one in three (32 per cent) were stopped by police after failing to stop, even though the study did not assess drinking habits of drivers.

While more than half of drinkers stopped by police in the past seven years were over the legal limits - the limits set by the Alcohol Responsibility Agency - nearly three quarters of those stopped were drunk.

Dr Rafe Stevens, lead researcher, said: "Drinking has long been a central component of a motorist's life.

"But if people think they can simply get away with driving under the influence, their safety is in serious danger.

"It is unacceptable that too many people drink while behind the wheel and drive away the moment they are pulled over.

"This research provides an important insight into how fast some people driving under the influence will drive once they have lost control, especially when it is near busy roads."

Union faces lawsuit over worsley industrial dispute:

The union representing Boeing employees is under fire for refusing to agree to give a settlement to a labor dispute over an industrial dispute at a small Detroit plant, which could be the first phase of a massive effort to hold workers accountable for their actions.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) rejected requests Thursday from the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development to negotiate a plan for $250 million in union payments that would require employers to pay at least five employees for each hour that they worked. The plan includes a maximum worker payment of $40, 000 and a $10, 000 maximum for each person that went without paid sick days, which could be significant incentives for bad actors such as managers to leave workers behind. But the ILWU denied a request by the state agency to expand a plan negotiated this summer that allows workers who were terminated or fired from their jobs by their employers to be paid for six weeks of their last employment, including vacation. The state department of labor and employment development told ILWU leaders last month that that plan would help workers recover from the effects of bad workers' choices but did not offer details.

So, if this is what's going to happen with a new phase of union-paid employee sick leave, let's just let it go. As a new labor law is passed, the old law is eliminated and in effect employees no longer have to give up benefits that they have already been given because of their union. The old law requires workers to give up their job benefits if they "exceed the maximum annual payment of their annual benefit under all applicable law including state or local law."

"The goal is for workers to leave all benefits at the end of the year that are no longer needed but don't match the amount of benefits being paid out that we want to see, " said Jeff Zavala, an employee representative at the United Air Lines (UAL) plant in Detroit, according to union president Bob Reisman.

So, in effect, workers will have to pay back all their benefits from what was already owed, at least $100, 000.

The deal would also allow UAL to hire more part-time workers and allow it to pay for sick leave under some circumstances where it has to take that time away.

But those changes would be permanent, meaning that if the current agreement isn't renegotiated under the new law €” and if this is the end of an era with a new wave of employee and employer strikes coming into play €” workers will continue to be left with none of the benefits that have already been given out by their employers.

For some workers, that will put extra pressure on their families. The Illinois State Fair Employment Department said that about 200
Имя: Harryveita
Дата: 29 May 20 02:23pm
Вечный сервер.

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Имя: Danialwib
Дата: 29 May 20 01:36pm
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