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Имя: Kirafub
Дата: 02 Jul 20 04:31am
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Имя: Daviddycle
Дата: 01 Jul 20 10:54pm
Voters made me do it beazley time. This is how i know: when we do not win you will go nuts. If you can't win in the next 5 weeks, we will not do another round of voting. I know this is hard to believe, but that is just what you will get from winning us. A total of 3-4, maybe even 4-5, of my fans voted. A lot of them voted and decided to cast their ballots for us. They were in such a nice mood that they even invited me to their houses so we could talk. There were many of you there with your wives or girlfriends and we all hugged each other and said hello to each other and even the guys with wives started talking with you and us. The first round of voting was not easy as people from other countries wanted to vote for us, we were able to win but it was nothing to do with us. So we decided to vote for people who want to fight. After the votes were counted there were so many that we had to leave but we had enough to win the round. And we will start voting again soon. The next round will be next Monday, but you won't be able to vote this time, so we are waiting. If you do not want a vote this time, then i want a second round of voting. So if you want to vote next week, you will need to vote for me. I know how you feel. I understand. I also know that this feeling is normal but we are here to win our country back from all those people who tried to take it away from us. So we are going to give you this great chance to vote for us and to feel the same emotions of love, pride, responsibility, and hope that those of you who have voted will feel when you vote. I promise you that you will feel happy. You will be the reason why i can do whatever i want for you, and everyone will be better off. Please tell your friends and make sure you vote for us. I am confident that there will be more votes and even more people will vote for us. Now vote for me! I am sure that when we do victory, we will come back with the support of our citizens, and we will be able to rebuild our country. Thank you, and please take this chance to vote for us. Your votes matter, our hope is greater than any other thing. We will have everything we need and more, and even bigger, when we come back from the war, when we have more freedom, when we are better off, and when we are at peace with ourselves. Thank you once again. A big hug for me.

Thank you so much for voting for us. My love,

Mximo Baca


Munce sentenced to 30 months jail for breaking into house belonging to husband with hammer and using iron bar to break down the door.

Munce says he has not done anything wrong in this regard, and that it was not his fault that his husband had lost their house keys.

The court was shown CCTV footage that captured the incident on March 4 last year.

In that video, Munce walks up to the door and pulls out a hammer which he uses to beat his face on while looking at the video.

The court also heard that in his phone video, Munce has written on the face of his wife that he is going to bring his wife to jail.

He then tells her he is going to bring the dog along.

"I just came here because, a housewife is angry, and the husband is not even going to let me have the dog. He said I had to kill that dog, you know, " Munce tells his wife.

The accused, Munce, admitted breaking into the house in order to search for his wife's mobile phone.

The woman then calls up her mother in Pankai, asking for the help of her to bring her daughter and children, but she was told they had left home after that.

She then asked her father in Pankai to do something for the dogs, but he said he wasn't at work.

"The dogs should sleep. I am going to call my daughter, take her to home, let her eat the food and then, leave her alone, " Munce said.

The court has directed Munce to register a case of false imprisonment in Pankai.

First Published: Apr 08, 2017 16:27 IST
Имя: Thomasrax
Дата: 01 Jul 20 09:33pm
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Имя: Orvilledaf
Дата: 01 Jul 20 08:52pm
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Имя: Kennethfar
Дата: 01 Jul 20 05:34pm
DIAGNOSTICO COMPLETO Y CUALITATIVO DEL MOTOR Y OTROS SISTEMAS DE AUTOMOVILES NO SEA ELM327 EN TODOS LOS DESEOS DEL PROPIETARIO ... NO NECESITA ALIMENTAR ILUSIONES ... Es importante usar el motor ELM-327 en algun lugar, si no es necesario vaya al panel, "Dios no lo quiera", la maquina comenzara a funcionar "no normal" para al menos comprender que tipo de reparacion comenzar a preparar ... descifrar los errores de forma independiente ...

Recientemente, en varios tipos de foros automotrices, ha habido, en un grado u otro, interes en diagnosticar un automovil usando el adaptador ELM-327. Decidi compartir informacion sobre conectividad, configuracion, etc.

Este adaptador le permite ver los siguientes parametros:

• El motor gira;

• Temperatura refrescante;

• Correccion de combustible a corto plazo;

• Correccion de combustible a largo plazo;

• Presion en el colector de admision;

• Datos del sensor de oxigeno;

• El motor gira;

• carga del motor;

• Estado del sistema de combustible;

• Velocidad del vehiculo;

• Presion de aire absoluta;

• Encendido anticipado;

• Temperatura en la toma de aire;

• Flujo de masa de aire;

• La posicion del acelerador;

• Visualizacion grafica de los parametros de los parametros anteriores;

Protocolos de adaptador ELM327 compatibles:

• ISO15765-4 (bus CAN): Audi, Opel, VW, Ford, Jaguar, Renault, Peugeot, Chrysler, Porsche, Volvo, Saab, Mazda, Mitsubishi;

• ISO14230-4 (KWP2000): Daewoo, Hyundai, KIA;

• ISO9141-2: Honda, Infinity, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche;

• J1850 VPW: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Isuzu;

• J1850 PWM: Ford, Lincoln, Mazda

El software de diagnostico ELM-327 esta lleno en torrents, Google Play y, de hecho, en Internet.

Por ejemplo, una buena seleccion del programa de diagnostico Carzis.

Configuraciones de conexion ELM-327:

Conexion Bluetooth ELM 327:

?Atencion! Para evitar sobretensiones que podrian danar el adaptador y / o la computadora del automovil, le recomendamos que conecte / desconecte el escaner solo cuando el encendido este apagado.

1. Instale cualquier programa ELM 327 en su dispositivo;

2. Conecte el ELM327 Bluetooth al conector de diagnostico ODB 2 de su automovil;

3. Encienda el encendido o arranque el automovil;

4. Vaya a la configuracion de su dispositivo Android;

5. Vaya a la configuracion inalambrica;

6. Active Bluetooth y haga clic en "Configuracion de Bluetooth";

7. Haga clic en "Buscar dispositivos";

8. Seleccione el adaptador Elm327 encontrado con el nombre "OBD-II";

9. Ingrese el codigo de emparejamiento elm327: 1234

10. Si se acerca el codigo, vera la inscripcion "Emparejado, pero no conectado". Esto completa la configuracion. En casos muy raros, el codigo de emparejamiento puede ser 0000 o 6789;

11. Ejecute el programa previamente instalado;

12. Despues de iniciar el programa, vera que el unico dispositivo en la pantalla principal del programa es INACTIVO;

13. Presione "Menu" y vaya a "Configuracion". En la configuracion, seleccione "Configuracion del adaptador OBD2";

14. Haga clic en "Tipo de conexion";

15. Seleccione "Bluetooth";

16. Haga clic en "Seleccionar un dispositivo Bluetooth";

17. Seleccione el dispositivo con el que se emparejo en el paso 8. Esto completa la configuracion del programa. Regrese a la pantalla principal del programa;

18. ?Aproveche al maximo el adaptador Elm327!

Conexion WI-FI ELM 327 (los telefonos inteligentes en iOS funcionan solo a traves de WIFI):

?Atencion! Para evitar sobretensiones que podrian danar el adaptador y / o la computadora del automovil, le recomendamos que conecte / desconecte el escaner solo cuando el encendido este apagado.

1. Instale cualquier programa ELM 327 en su dispositivo;

2. Conecte el adaptador de diagnostico de automovil con Wi-Fi ELM327 al conector OBD II del vehiculo diagnosticado;

3. Inserte la llave en el interruptor de encendido y encienda el encendido del automovil (se puede enrollar);

4. Vaya a la seccion de configuracion inalambrica de Wi-Fi de su telefono / tableta / computadora.

5. Seleccione una red WiFiOBD. Vaya a configuracion, en la pestana "Estatico";

6. En esta pestana, ingrese los siguientes datos:

Direccion IP:

Mascara de subred:

Puerta de enlace principal:

Puerto: 35000

Proxy HTTP: Auto

7. Vaya al menu del programa que instalo en el primer parrafo en el telefono / tableta para trabajar con el adaptador;

8. Empareje el programa con la ECU del vehiculo. ?Hecho!